Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you still collecting order forms and money for your organization’s custom apparel?


Simply start by filling out our online “Get Started Today” form.  Once we have some initial information, we can get back to you and get started on our side of things!

From our side of things, we need one contact within your group that will be able to give us all details needed to setup your Group Ordering Online.  This person should be able to give us an Start Date and an End Date for your Online Ordering Group.  They should also be able to help us set your prices on your goals for fundraising and approve products offered.

And Finally, this person will be the one that we deliver the group’s products too so that they can deliver to the final destination.

Once your Group Ordering Page is setup, we provide you a link to send to your select group.

Anyone that finds your group page can participate in the order.  Simply send them a link to your page, or send them to, and tell them to search for your group.

During the initial setup process, while you are working with our Sales Department, we will work closely with you to determine how each product should be priced.  We start with a base price and determine if you are looking to raise money, or if you are looking for an easy way to allow your group to order from one place with a select # of products.

Either way, you will know going in what each product will cost individual group members.

The answer to this one depends on how your initial Online Group Ordering Process is setup.

  • Groups can set it up so that those ordering pay for their own orders.  This takes the payment process out of the Group’s problem area!
  • Some Businesses, that are approved, may choose to pay for the whole order at the end of the Group Online Ordering process.  This will make it easier if you are looking to have your employees order uniforms.

The Online Order process accepts all major credit cards.

Yes.  We have a Demo Store setup for you to see how your group will be able to access their store.  Each group has their own URL to share and/or can access their team/organization from our home page.  If you would like to look at the demo store, click below.